15 June 2012

First visit from our friends of the Camillian home

Our friends from the Camillian home arrived and settled in our classroom, we greeted and learnt each other name. After this we all settled down to work with some salt dough and the various utensils we had.

 Here we have Nadia, Dream, Mida and Bean.
 Bank trying out the roller and cutters

 Everyone worked well together.

 Here's Enya, Stephi, Pink and Bank.

 Bean knows how to work the camera more than any of us!

 Afterwards we all headed to the ball-pool. The children laughed and laughed, running around and chasing each other.

It was a joyous mess. 

 Pink really enjoying her time in balls.

Earn had a continuous smile on her face. 

 Mida was the most sociable from Nursery.

 Dream eyed the cars for a while before taking over one of them.

 And here's Bean Super star.

 After all the excitement from the ball-pool. We went and did some music.

 Some practiced hoola-hooping.

 After a very intense fully charged morning we finally went in to have our lunch.

 Mida, the big boss, shaking hands with one of our guest.

 Jay being his usual loving self and enjoying a laugh with on of our guests.

Everyone singing the good-bye song

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