30 March 2012

Week 27 26 -30 March 2012

This week we did some shape sorting: 

Stephi here did a great job at it. Sometimes some us of us got a bit confused as which was supposed to be sorted, shapes or colours?

Here, we had a go making rain happen.. We used some shaving foam that we had floating on top of water, we then used droppers to sprinkle our clouds with food colouring. The results was a colourful rain sipping trough the clouds and 'falling' in the water. No one really got interested in the 'rain effect' but the teachers. Everyone got utterly absorbed in dropping colours on the shaving foam and observing it mix and blend with it. 
Once the mixture got too old, we poured it in another container, the added rain drop outs became another source of sensory exploration:


In the end we had the 'scientists' clan who could not stop experimenting with their clouds. And the 'sensory' group who started seeing all kinds of things happening in their muddy water, we saw some omelet, chocolate and noodles..

We also made some foam using hand soap and a blender to get a thick rich foam and a little food colouring..

the foam slowly made its way from the container to the pool..

Then the container followed and became a boat which was a must go in it kind of device that Dragon, Bill, Nadia and Jay took turn in!
Here Dragon is pushing and pulling the boat up and down the sea.
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