28 May 2012

Some of the things we have been up to during the past month...

Last week, we had the visit of a red dragonfly in the classroom. Everyone got really enthusiastic about it and knew to keep gentle hands with it so not to scare it away.

The Dragonfly

Our second swimming session in the small swimming pool. Here, we're getting ready by splashing each other with water. it taught us to keep our eyes shut!

Here's Nadia, she is our fearless swimmer! Ready to take on the big swimming pool.

And here's Mida, who is unstoppable in her quest for new experiences.

We are experimenting with tapioca, adding more or less water make it more or less sticky or gooey. It's a great exercise for our fine motor  skills and hand/eye coordination. It also develop our social skills as we are working as a group with limited resources.

Mida and Enya being phone technicians. There's always so fixing that needs to be done around the room.

Working as a group to prepare chocolate cookies. We can wait for our turn or we can ask to take over the mixing, the spatula holder is not always willing to pass on the mixing task.

Someone had fun removing ALL the pieces of the puzzles and spread them on the floor. But it was a great exercise to put the puzzles back together. Brilliant one to one correspondence task.  Our class works great as a team.

Here we played the green light/red light game. Green light meant go and red light, stop. It took a few trial and errors to understand it all. Some of us were just too excited when the green light came on and couldn't stop at the red one!

After the game we painted some shapes on the ground, all of us now are really good at knowing shapes name.

Once finished painting, we went on drawing our own shapes, sharing the chalk.

These painting are in Teacher Becky's room (the art teacher from primary), they are part of the big project we took part in, every class in Charter has to paint one big mural. Soon you will be able to see ours displayed at school. 

We looked, described and talked about each painting. This was the one that got us talking the most and our favorite one.


Sitting quietly with our eyes closed, after our mid-morning outdoors play time, has become one of our daily routines. We sit and listen to natural sounds, it helps us quiet down and be ready to be doing classroom activites.

Part of our wild creatures theme for this term, we went underwater and look at the ones that live in the ocean. Here er are getting to understand the concepts of floating and sinking. We went and looked for objects around the classroom to see if they could either float or sink.

Our very first swimming lesson. Nobody is scared. We are all ready to take to the water.

Miss Charlotte and Mr Krit guide us through some exercises to make sure we are all confident in this new pool..

and get us ready to make the right moves we will start swimming.

Mastering the art of drawing stripes. Our hands are becoming very confident now and the lines we make show it.

Aashi doing a great job at painting horizontal lines.

Dragon being very concentrated on his task.

Stephi, always being very meticulous in her work.

Mida doing a great job at painting these horizontal lines!

Nadia, doing impeccable horizontal lines.

Bill seriously focusing on his task.

After paining lines, we painted spots. Both the stripes and spots are part of the practice we went through to paint our see creatures.

Carpooling in the morning.

One day, everyone thought it best to go in the library and read than stay out and play. 

Animal hats that all the children really like wearing, some more than the others...

Here, we are painting our paper recycling box, wearing our animal hats.

Practicing our aim and our throwing power!

Homemade Nutella, prepared by Nursery, that we spread on a slice of bread.

Then decorate it with various shaped sweets, some of us made transformed our toasts into faces.

Some us ate it right away.

Some of us had a Nutella hand bath!

and for some us the portion were too little so they had to dip their hands on their friends plate.

Here we are getting the trunk of the tree ready for display, it was a great fine motor and marking exercise, we also did a good job at sharing the space on the paper.

A quiet moment after running around in the garden, so we can adjust to being back indoors in the classroom.

Easiest way to shut of the outside world, put your tissue on your head. Mida practicing quiet time.

The animal hats! Mr Lane wondered why we wore them out for our Friday assembly. They are just too great not to wear, and we can become a fierce creature too.
This is our new friend the unicorn, Bill has become quite an expert unicorn rider.

One day we were discussing the arrival of the Unicorn. We wondered whether unicorn is a girl or a boy. Some of us said she is a girl, others said she is a boy, one of us came up with the solution: It's a boy girl! This ended the debate on unicorn's gender. Next, we asked what's his/her name, after several trial at naming the unicorn, everyone settled on calling her/him 'Rabbit'. 

Attack of the chocolate monsters after another chocolaty cooking sessions. As you can see we make sure we taste what we are making! 

Fierce Nursery

A serious moment when  we match the quantity of  panda cards to the numerals on the wall. Here Jay and Stephi are working as a team to complete the task.

Waiting patiently for teacher Charlotte our Gym teacher.

Our teacher thought it a funny exercise to have us pick up the pom-poms that fell in the floor. It actually was a very good colour recognition practice. We had to pick up the pom-poms of only one colour, then another, etc, etc until none were left on the floor.

Here we are working with Cloud Dough (8 part water + 1 part baby oil). It is the activity that was the most successful this year, it absorbed all our attention and energy, it's has very versatile texture, it can behave like sand or be modeled like play dough, we keep it safe in a box and every now and then we still work with it and it stills command all our focus. It'a another great activity for social development, it helps us vocalise when we want a tool or tell a friend to share, it helps us recognise when we do nice actions to each other. It is also great for our hand eye, fine motor skills and our creativity.

painting caterpillars.

In the middle of the picture you can see Nana. She is Nadia's sister, we all love to have her playing with us and Nana really enjoy our company too. We know how to be nice and careful with her as she is very young still and we are all 'big kids'. Sometimes she would rather stay with us than go back home!

Having a great time in the music room, love the sounds that we produce! 

Playing a game of stop and go to the beat of the tambourine.

Some of us find it very hard to stop with the music! 

Doing some silly walks to the music.

Walking like elephants.

A exercise that we love doing in the music room: shouting, VERY LOUD or very quietly.

Making funny sounds with our mouth and fingers.

Still in the music room, a two person clapping exercise.

Sometimes it was a bit difficult to clap in each others hands but it was a lot of fun.

Nursery Music Band in action.. Press play!

Nursery for Crazy hair day. We mean business! Seriously having crazy hair.

International day parade.

International day, Nursery went to visit France and ended up as a Mime Troupe, that was fun.

Then we went to India, where Miss Rinku showed us how to do some fabric printing, we did it very well she said as we are very good at listening.

Print artists, Dragon and Enya.

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