19 June 2012

Our day at the Dusit Zoo!

Everyone's ready to take on the Dusit Zoo!

In the mini-van taking us to the Zoo..

We're all pretty excited to go off on a road trip!

EVERYONE is looking forward to the walk around the zoo..

The mini-van was a great playground as well..

This giraffe is the first animal that we saw arriving at the zoo

She bent her neck all the way down to great us!

then went on to resume her leaf munching..

we were all awed by the sheer size of this incredible animal

here's Nadia comparing the size of her feet to one of the giraffe's foot print..

then it was Mida's turn, oh so small..

then we walked on to check out the penguins

up close encounter with one of the penguins

few penguins did a little jumping show for us.

Then off we walked to observe the Kangaroos,

not much bouncing action

at all, but they were pretty to look at.

Then it was the deers turn.

Next came this giant flock of birds..

that looked like storks.

The two elephants were a big favorite, some of us felt courageous enough to go and pat this giant.

This very cute lemur felt like staying on his branch, nonchalantly clutching his cage with his feet to prevent falling.

Here, we're looking at the spider monkeys, they were running, jumping and bouncing all over the place, a bit like us when we play hard!

Chatting about monkeying around.

Two gorgeous hippos we looked at from afar.

We all felt safe to observe from above this really big reptile..

All of us posing for posterity.

This was one grumpy old chimpanzee who made sure the young ones stayed at a respectable distance.

Now this one got our full attention..

the dozing lion.

And a sleeping leopard.

We were wondering if the leopard would move.

And it did!  A glorious move to flip on to his other side. 

A sleeping fishing cat.

Another sleeping fishing cat. 

Trying our best to wake up these fishing cats.

it worked for a split second.

Then it was the tiger's turn. Snoozing.

White Bengal tigers.. dreaming of  their native South Asia.. 

Stephi and Mida, in their natural habitat, slumbering. Big cats and small humans in one of their favorite activities..

Big humans too appreciate the respite after a great walk around the Dusit Zoo, marveling at all these beautiful creatures.
Nadia, Enya and Bill managed to keep their eyes open on the way back from the Zoo.

Two cheeky monkeys pondering whether to wake their napping friends or not.

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