10 September 2012

What do you hear?

After Brown Bear, we read another Eric Carle's Book: 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear? It gave us the opportunity to dicover tsome animal sounds that we didn't know yet and we had tones of fun trying to imitate them, we also made some artistic representations of few of the animals form the book:

Momin's tearing appert some cotton to make Polar Bear's coat.
We then made the yelping peacock. We spread and mixed some paint on the table then put a white piece of paper on top of it so it would make some nice pattern as we tapped it repeatedly and as strong as we could!

Blue was for the peacock's body.

green was for the peacock's feathers

this whole process involved a lot of tapping on the paper to make sure the paint will transfer to the paper, it was making a lot of noise too as we banged on the table!

and finally red and yellow for the dots on the peacock's feathers.

once the paint dried, our teachers cut some circles out of the paint and we got to place them on the'peacock's feathers', we placed them them according to how we felt. 

and we all did this very differently.

For the bellowing walrus we mixed red and white together to make pink. with a dash of black for the walruses marks.

once the paint was well mixed we used a rolling pin to apply to the walrus's body, a great little exercise for hand-eye coordination.

some of us found it a bit tedious and resorted to well tested methods of paint application: hand painting!

Here, we're checking the walrus's facial characteristics, making sure we've got all the elements we need to finish off out own. 

making its moustache.

then moving on to apply eyes and teeth.

you can see our great walruses on our outside boards.

The last one in our serie, the snarling leopard.. we squeezed the paint right onto the leopard's body,

then used our hands to spread it.

Falcon giving directions to Mida on how to proceed..

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