10 September 2012

What do you see?

As part of learning about our senses we read Eric Carle's book 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?'. it gave us the opportunity to learn about various animals, what they look like and what do we see them with!

Here we are painting Purple Cat, from the book. We're also getting to know that by mixing colours together we can create another one. We used a pint brush to paint Purple Cat.

After Purple cat, we had a go at Pink Bird. For pink bird we used our hands and mixed red white directly onto the paper.

For Blue Horse, we mixed glue, shaving foam blue and white paint together, it had an interesting texture and a perfumey smell.  
Falcon is having a good sniff at the shaving foam..

Already everyone is wanting to help and make things happen on their own..

Mixing it all up.

The texture and colour was a new experience.

For Brown bear we used a rough scouring tool to try and make brown bear look more life like.

 In the end we used whichever tool we liked best...

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