04 October 2012

Brownies in a mug

This week we did a fantastically simple recipe, brownies in a mug. 
Before mixing our ingredients together, we tasted them, it's all very important steps of the process, and it ensures we know what we are mixing together. We tasted brown sugar, very sweet, and everyone liked it a lot.

Cocoa powder was bitter and not to everyone's liking.

then we used measuring cups,

some could hold the cup and the spoon at the same time, and we all counted together how many spoons went in a cup!

We then poured all the ingredients together. Gave it it a good stir..

Et voila! Brownies in a mug! 

they tasted very good..

and we added a scoop of ice cream on top, it made the perfect snack. 

Here is the recipe if you would like to give it a try with your child:

We used brown sugar instead of white sugar.

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