02 October 2012

Making our home

We talked about our homes and who lives in them. We discovered a bit more about each other. So we decided to build and paint our home for our families.

The master painter from the House of Falcon.

Talking about who we see on each other's pictures. Everyone was able to recognise the various members of each other's families, if some mistakes were made, the owner of the picture was quick to rectify any mistakes that were said.

Then we painted our homes. We are now becoming pretty much independent and can get the paint form the shelf along with plates and paintbrushes. We can then mix different colours together and experiment until we find a colour or shade that we like.

Momin took a particular intrest in the texture of the paint and spent a great deal of time 'feeling' it! A great sensory exploration!
Checking out each other's masterpieces and recognising our own.

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