02 October 2012

Taking care of ourselves and our surroundings

We pretend played we were taking a shower. We used soap and shampoo, scrubbed and rubbed ourselves till we were clean! 

And we didn't forget to dry ourselves up! 

Mida is spontaneously giving Falcon a hand with her shampooing.

We then moved on to the toilet. We all seem to know how it goes. We can use tissue to pretend we wipe ourselves dry.

and we know we need to flush after we're done.

And also to wash our hands when we're done with the whole ordeal.

But, we still enjoy our nappies for now. The whole story panel on how to get undressed and go to the toilet was particularly fascinating on that day... Soon we will be nappy free!

Every day after lunch we all brush our teeth. A routine that started off with Mida and Marinka who stay for day care, but the trend caught on, Momin joined and shortly after Falcon demanded her toothbrush as well! Somehow, it is funner  to take care of ourselves at school than at home!

Mida, the professional buttoner! She has been taking care of her own buttoning since the beginning of the year but also is always ready to show and help her friends with their buttons.

So is Momin!

We also learned how to make our own bed. First putting the bedsheets, then the pillow and finally the blanket.

We all had a go at it.

Sometimes we did team work when things got tangled.

and finally we folded everything back!

so we could put it all away.

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