11 October 2012

Eggxtraordinary week 7

We spent a great deal of time this week talking and doing various activities around the egg. It involved chickens too, we discovered that the egg comes out of the chicken, we were quite surprised really. We did a guessing game where we were supposed to predict what was in the colourful eggs. Not all the eggs contained an animal, and from guessing what is in the egg it became a sort a frenetic quest to found the eggs containing the animals, name them correctly and put them aside. The empty eggs were quickly discarded with a big 'nothing' clamoured. After words a great deal of time was spent observing the newly hatched animals and talking about which one we liked the best.

We also used eggs to paint with, boiled eggs. We rolled them around in paint then rolled them around on paper. Some of us were really interested to  paint with this unusual tool and had to cover all the surface of the paper with paint and cracked bits of shell.. Some found it interesting to throw the boiled egg onto the paper, this egg, didn't last long and some took some special care in handling their egg and rolling them gently in the paint and on the paper. Later on, we also painted on the egg, using a paint brush.

We also made a giant egg. We had to do it from scratch. We first tore out some news paper, so we could have some easily manageable strips of paper to cover our balloon. But the newspaper had all these images in them that prompted us to talk about what we were seeing in there. We talked about our home or our condo, depending on who lives where, we also saw pictures that reminded us of our family, we also saw pictures of cartoons and animals we like, once the discussion was over we proceeded on tearing up the newspaper.

And we prepared succulent egg sandwiches, the peeling was a bit difficult for some of us, but once it was done it was fairly easy to crush the eggs with mayonnaise, spread on the bread and finally.. Eat it!

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