04 October 2012

Week six highlights


The coloured shapes, we know their names and their colours.. and they're great to change how we see the world!

Doing some more journal work, we worked on the triangle.

These are usually great time to focus.

Tracing the triangle shape, with a bit of help..

Stinging beads on is always one of the favourite activities, and it's great for our physical development and out creativity. 

One day we saw a big toad in the garden, we were all fascinated but kept a respectful distance from it. 

Gym time with Andrea is always a lot of fun and she creates for us a different obstacle course each week..

This wasn't part of the course, but often curiosity gets the best of us and we need to find out what awakened it.

Discussing about ladybugs in preparation of our red day and the fabulous ladybugs we painted

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